Dread to Trend

Ah, Denim on Denim. I personally thought I would never go near the trend. I remember my mother picking out some horrendous denim on denim outfits that scarred me on the fashion front. (Sorry mom, but its true.)  SO EMBARRASSING. 

This all changed of course, as I started playing with some of the denim pieces in my wardrobe. I got sucked in! It also has been totally on trend ever since celebrities like Kim Kardashian (here) and Rihanna (here) showed us how it's done. They def. killed it.

I feel that double denim is the essence of edge and streetstyle. Below is my personal spin on it. I decided to add some mirrored aviators, metallic accents and plaid. Not at all overpowering, just some extra edge to pull the entire look together. 

In the comments below- Kindly write your input on the trend. How would you put your personal touch into the look? What celebrities have inspired you to give it a shot?



Ciao for now. ; )

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