Preston goes to Pre-School

Hey my loves, 


Welcome back. Today's post is extra special to me. If you don't follow me on Instagram (which you should-  I promise, i'm hilarious) JK :)- you wouldn't really know that I'm a mom. Yes, I have a 3.5 yr old little boy. His name is Preston James or simply Pres. I swore off PJ while i was pregnant bc its sounded like pajama or peanut butter & jelly, and well if you have ever been around a pregnant hormonal woman, you would know that simple things like that can really affect us. Like cause serious unjustifiable waterworks. Nonetheless, raging hormones are totally worth the little angel you are blessed with and this is mine. Although, i'm not sure if angel is the best term to describe him at this age. (Hilarity ensued) Let's keep it real ladies and gents, they're cute but they drive us nuts but i wouldn't have it any other way! 

Pres will be starting Pre-school and although I am dying, anxious, nervous, and my hair is about to fall out because I can't believe this is happening already, I am so excited for him. Even though he is required to wear a uniform I felt this milestone warranted some new threads for the fall season.

Having him really lets me explore the part of myself that loves menswear. Yes, I know he is a child, however I always incorporate my own sense of style into his outfits, duh. I myself tend to blur the lines when it comes to feminine and tomboy looks and so if I were a boy yes i'd want to dress the way my son does. Lord knows Old Navy stepped it up because when i was a child I was not half as stylish. Meet the love of my life everyone!

Peace out. 

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