Hey Loves!

Welcome back! Karina and I hit the streets of Chelsea again and found this awesome "Rebel" piece. This piece immediately stood out to me because of the colors obviously and... well, keep reading. 

I grew up in a Puerto Rican household and I am extremely proud of my background and my family.  We were never super sophisticated but my father was pretty strict and old school. He was that dad that when you asked to go to the "library" (aka possibly meet a boy)  with your friend, he'd make you stand there for like five minutes before he even acknowledged the question. Dad wasn't stupid, no matter how much I thought I was getting away with.  I think he allowed me to go to one party in High School and he basically chaperoned. Not really....but he did drop me off at like 7pm and pick me up at around 9:30pm.  In hindsight,  I was always grateful for my upbringing & that he was so aware and protective, even if my 16 year old self resented it. I did have some daring moments, I cut class a bunch of times. Okay, maybe like 3 times, but hey my dad scared the shit out of me and I thank him for that! I did go through my "rebellious" phase but I was out of High School and it didn't last too long. Thank you daddy for your rigidness, it definitely helped shape the woman I am today. Besides, kids get away with far too much these days! Love you daddy!


I decided to include this tiny pumpkin colored bag into my ensemble. Not a usual shade you'd see incorporated into my outfits, however I felt it really worked with the neutrals throughout the entire look. These pants are also a print that I NEVER thought I'd see myself  in. I got these pants last fall from Old Navy and I actually love them. They are a nude color w. the snake print in gray and they are very easy to pair and add some texture to your looks. I usually like a longer top with these pants but I decided to play with texture and shapes.  A boxy crop top goes a long way and is the perfect way to layer, so make sure you have one this fall!

Ciao for Now :-*

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