Welcome back!

Ever live on a budget? Yes, all of my life. However, before becoming a mom and an intern, I would just buying a new outfit whenever I had somewhere to go. Even if it wasn't a whole entire outfit, I'd buy something new. I think about that and squirm a little because, like, WHY would anyone do that? Nonetheless, my life and pockets took a major shift and I REALLY had to learn to budget. Shopping was out of the question! So there I was, with a pretty decent amount of clothes, forced to work with what I have. I'm being dramatic, but seriously, best thing that ever happened. This experience has really challenged my creativity and to think outside of the box. I've learned how to take one look and switch it up multiple ways, so that it always has a new and refreshing feel to it.  Which is what NORMAL people do. I've finally caught up with society guys. ;)

On To The 'Fit:

Fall automatically means pull out your jackets and knee highs right? Yes, in my world it does. There are lots of elements to this outfit, so I was really careful about balancing out the different colors and shades. For this first look, I paired a simple chambray top with a blue leather (faux) skirt. I predict colored leather being all the rage this Fall/Winter. Okay, maybe i'm not the first to say that but it really does ad such a cool and exclusive element to your wardrobe. I've had this skirt for about a year now and have worn it multiple times in many different ways. Obsessed with it...

To add to the look- I whipped out these over the knee socks (great way to keep warm in the coming months) and balanced out the bottom half of this outfit with neutral pumps. Finishing touches include a black leather jacket and black bag. What do you all think? Would you rock this look, or any of the looks? Share below my loves!

Ciao , for now!




Sometimes a simple shoe switch is all you need. While the look above is a little more classic with the neutral pointed pump. These shoes add a sporty chic and fun element to the look. 


Yes, I whipped out this coat. Winter's right around the corner guys. Start thinking about which statement jackets are going to take your 'fits to the next level. 

GET THE LOOK! (Kindly keep in mind that when an item is no longer available, I provide a link to a piece that is as similar (if not better) to what I am wearing and in price point.)