Alas! Fall is here and nothing says Autumn like knits & booties. Now, I usually don't do knits. I'm very chesty and feel they makes the girls look super huge and round. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, but it makes me feel a little self-conscious. However, this grey beauty by Mango has swayed my thoughts a bit.  

On to the Fit:

I scored these amazing Chinese Laundry, cut-out booites at T.J. Maxx and have been living in them ever since. They go with everything and are so comfortable. I feel when you have such an oversized/slouchy sweater like this one you should definitely stick to more structured accessories. For example a structured bag, it really cleans up and polishes the look.  This combination is so cozy and warm and very inviting. Dont you wanna talk to me? Just playiiiinnn...

I love pairing shades of grey and brown. Again, my younger self would have never thought the two shades complimented each other, but that is why you live and you learn. I look back sometimes and shake my head at that girl. What was she thinking?! 

As I continue to blog and try pieces that "i'd never wear" or  thought I "couldn't wear" because they aren't flattering for my body type, I'm learning to TRY THINGS ON FIRST. I'm hard-headed, I hate trying on clothes believe it or not, but my size varies depending on fabric and cut. So yes, I have too. We all have too. At least, before we rule certain styles out of our life forever. 

Zae's Fall checklist: (To Start)

  • Knits that Flatter 
  • Basic tops for under those knits!
  • Cut-out booties
  • Boyfriend Jeans 
  • Structured Satchel/Tote
  • Color is great- but start off with neutrals! Then explore. ;)
  • SOCKS! (Go crazy with color)
  • Leather Jacket (Because DUH!)
  • COFFEE (Again, because duh)


See No Mani :(


Switch up the look of your booties with some cute socks! With the holidays right around the corner, they will be the perfect stocking stuffer!

GET THE LOOK! (Kindly keep in mind that when an item is no longer available, I provide a link to a piece that is as similar (if not better) to what I am wearing and in price point.)