Menos Mas x insahyt

Hey Guys, 

Check out some of the work my P.I.C's (Karina, Karina) and I created using products by Menos Mas. This was especially fun because we were able to use live props and the product definitely spoke to our aesthetic. 

Annya of Menos Mas also sponsored out Flatlay Workshop (Stay tuned for dates on our next one). We were able to have our amazing attendees use her all natural, organic skin care products. Her website is a platform that promotes all things wellness, beauty and clean eating. Her facial products are just an extension of her lifestyle and her daily mantra, which we at insahyt love; "less is more". 

Product Review: So the girls and I split up the products. Since I'm most acne proned, I took the Coconut Cream and Dead Sea Salt Facial Scrub as well as the Chamomile Royal Jelly, which have worked exceptionally well for me. I really really love the products and recommend you purchase, STAT. 

My experience:

  • Reduction in redness, which plagues my skin all the motherf***in time. -So over it. 
  • Even tone and texture. 
  • Dryness dramatically decreased 

You can purchase here. 

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Dear Creative // 1 of many to come

I want my life's work to mean something. Heart wrenching, raw, truth. 
I love the creative world; the arts. From a young girl, I knew there was something different about me, something that set me apart. I just didn't know what that was. I sort of always "fit in" but kind of didn't. I believe we all have gifts and Lord knows I put up so many fronts, fogged my mind and subconsciously fell into the "routine" of a "normal" life, because having a gift or being a little different isn't always an easy path. I am just now opening myself back up to my gifts, its a glorious, painful process. 
For me, it's like there's always something missing and I know this is the process, man. I know that when the time comes I will have that "oh, this is exactly what I've been waiting for", moment. This is what it's all about. (I probably need to pray a little more, but thats a whole other subject)
I love the wonder of producing a piece, one filled with intent, purpose, love, light, all that good, amazing shit. I love the fashion and lifestyle pieces; but what I really want is to document life. Human behavior, in all states of mind. We all go through so much. So, here's an open letter for my creatives.


Dear Creative, 

You are strange; your anxiety riddled mind wonders in self-doubt. Please feel all of this and please push past this. It is a moment, please flow in your magnificence. 

You won't always know what you are doing, it will come to you. Flow.

You will be judged. This too, is ok. People will wonder what you are doing and who exactly you think your are? This is your F U E L, enlighten them. 

Dear Creative, pay your dues, work hard, but under NO circumstances let someone take advantage of you. Be bold, be kind, be assertive- pick your battles wisely, have patience, stand up for yourself. 

Dear creative, do no get caught up with the titles and the "connections" and the "who knows who"- what's meant for you will never pass you. Creative, build strong relationships. Strong meaningful ones. Creative, be the bridge you are so afraid of burning. 

In every negative situation you encounter there is a lesson, there is preparation for the long road ahead. 

Dear creative, if something doesn't feel right- it probably isn't. Trust your intuition. 

Dear creative, please cast out bitter thoughts. You have so much to offer the world creative. Share your gifts.

Dear creative, Jesus loves you. 


xx, Zae

And since, this is a photo blog, here are some of my favorite images. Which you've probably already seen on IG, but thats ok. :)

Instragram: @thezaelist

(f o l l o w - m e )

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Insahyt's Flatlay Workshop

Hey Guys!

Some of you know and some of you don't know that I'm in the process of launching a creative collective with my P.I.C.'s and wonderful friends Karina Munoz & Karina Morales. The collective is called insahyt (yes, all lowercase) and we are so very excited to share our gifts with the world.  

About a month ago, we held our first Flatlay workshop and it was a huge success! We had such wonderful mix of entrepenuers, from writers and makeup artists to editors, bloggers and social media strategists, who wanted to tighten up and expand on their already incredible creative abilities. I wanted to share with you all some of the wonderful flatlays that were produced by these amazing women! (P.S. Men are welcome too!)

One thing I must mention is that we, (insahyt), went into this workshop with the intention of teaching a skill and inspiring others and by the end we felt so full of love and light and that was just the greatest return on investment. 

We are in the process of planning our next one, so if you want to be notified when the tickets become available click on the form to the right.

In the meanwhile, catch up with us on Instagram for updates and the scoop on our latest projects. 




A very special THANK YOU to our sponsors!

Menos Mas

The Flower of Life Shop

Worthwhile Paper

If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsors kindly click on the sponsor button below and shoot us an email!


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Check out this sweet write up by two of our attendees, Chary and Emily. Founders of

Adriana Degreas Presentation at the Academy Mansion

Hi guys,

Here's a peek into the beautiful interior of the Adriana Degreas presentation. As some of you know, I often get to work backstage as a production assistant during Fashion Week. This is by far one of the best presentations I have ever seen. In love with the line, the inspiration, the intent, the venue, errrrrrthang. 

I wanted to take sooooo many pics but my main focus was production, so I hope you enjoy some of these captures. Also, check out the Academy Mansion site; just so you can understand why i'm so in love with the place. 


Make Up Artist Lisa Thai

Model: Marie Frick

Above: Adriana Degreas (Right), Model: Loredana Varga

A special thank you to Brittany Escovedo (Founder of Beyond 8) for entrusting to help facilitate the production of this event. 


Let me know what you guys think, do you want to see more of this? Would LOVE your feedback. Until next time suga's!